Volunteer Role
Associate Website Administrator - N/A   (New Ad)
Posted On: 01/15/2021
The Bristol Ridge and Bristol Valley Homes Association continues to search for volunteers who are interested in maintaining the HOA’s website, in addition to our Facebook page.

The work involves between three and five hours a week. Additional time will be required during the year to conduct database audits, etc. This role will advance to full accountability once training is completed.


The role of the Associate Website Administrator for the Bristol Ridge and Bristol Valley Homes Association is to share responsibility for all aspects of keeping the HOA website and social media page(s) content fresh and functional. Work with the Website Administrator, HOA Board President, Board Members and Social Committee Chair to ensure that timely and important communications are created/uploaded as needed. Maintain a complete and up to date list of registered members ensuring that only current HOA members are allowed access to nonpublic areas of

Responsibilities and Duties

• Monitor and social media pages to ensure pages are working satisfactorily and that content is complete and fresh

• Work with Mynetwire Developer Team regarding issue resolution, questions regarding website operability and creation and/or improvement of the existing template

• Add and/or delete content including photos and links to ensure that community is provided most recent and complete Board and HOA membership news

• Review, cleanup, approve and publish New User registrations

• Add/Remove applicable HOA member registrations from the database and from the BRBVHOA resident tracking report used by the HOA President for email blasts and other communications

• Audit data twice annually between and resident contact database on Dropbox to ensure agreement

• Review First Service Residential website on a monthly basis for pertinent information updates including tax related materials, insurance documents, attorney communication and
other relevant data. Publish this information on

• Monitor HOA Facebook page adding new content and responding to new messages as needed

• Monitor Nextdoor social media page to determine topics of interest to Bristol Ridge and Bristol Valley residents and our Board of Directors. Communicate those needs to First Residential Property Manager, HOA President and/or Board

• Ensure that annual payment for website publication is made to mynetwire prior to March 17 renewal date

• Review pool cameras alarms each morning to determine after-hours use of pool. When violations are identified, download content to identify violators

Work with FSR Representative to identify subjects through pool fob usage. Where identifies of violators are not immediately known, work with HOA President and/or Board Member to publish photos and pertinent information to the HOA community. Once the identity of perpetrators is known, write a warning letter under HOA President’s signature to the HOA member

Track number of violations by that HOA member address and work with Board to determine penalty, if applicable


• Prior experience in website and database management

• Flexibility to dedicate a minimum of ten to fifteen hours weekly for the maintenance of the
website, database and pool camera alarm responsibilities

• Ability to work with Board and community members regarding website development and content