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HOA News
Bristol Valley Package Thefts
Posted on Mar 2nd, 2021
Several thefts of Amazon and other retailer packages were reported in Bristol Valley on Monday, March 1st.
Here is the photo of the red truck involved and a photo of the individual taking the package:

You are encouraged to report these thefts to 911 immediately and not to engage the individuals. Please try to capture the license plate and any identifying characteristics of the vehicle including noticeable damage or special wheels, etc.
Properly Dispose of Medications, Sharps, etc.
Posted on Mar 2nd, 2021
Clean out your medicine cabinet and dispose of old, unused, or expired prescription medications at the Lenexa Police Department year-round. This is available in the police station lobby 24/7 and is a great way to safely dispose of those medications to keep them from getting into the wrong hands. 

Please follow these steps when coming to dispose of your medications at the police station.
Dump pills from their original container into a re-sealable zipper storage bag. Different pills can be mixed together in the same bag. Empty medication containers can then be disposed of with your regular garbage. 
Bring your re-sealable zipper storage bag(s) of medication into the police station lobby 24/7 and contact one of the public service officers who will direct you to the disposal bin. No appointment is necessary. 
Any items that cannot be accepted, as well as excessive packaging, will be returned to you. 

Click here to find other authorized collectors near you.

For safety reasons, we do not accept the following types of medications listed below. For information about disposing of any of those items, click on the links provided.
During the month of October each year, the Lenexa Police Department participates in the DEA's National Prescription Drug Take Back Day.
What To Expect on Your Next Energy Bill
Posted on Feb 28th, 2021
Recent severe cold weather events may have you concerned about your next energy bill. Your electric rates won’t increase next month, but your bill may be higher, depending on how much electricity you used.
Need help paying your bill? More funding is now available to assist with utility bills. Apply today
How does your electric rate work?
The cost you see on your bill varies according to how much energy you use in a month — and your rate plan. If you're enrolled in our Standard Plan click here
In the winter, as you use more energy, rates go down. Very cold weather may result in higher electricity usage, especially if you use electricity to heat your home.
In the summer (when it costs more to generate energy), it's the opposite — rates go up the more energy you use.
No matter the season, monitor your energy usage regularly to save energy and money.
Copper Wire Thefts
Posted on Feb 27th, 2021
Area law enforcement agencies are reporting a rash of copper thefts in which neighborhoods are being targeted by thieves.  Increased patrols and other tactics in order to combat this problem.
This paid off recently when an officer on the night shift noticed a suspicious car and conducted a traffic stop on a simple violation. Great police work led to the discovery of stolen copper wire in the vehicle and other evidence tied to these crimes.
If you see someone tampering with light poles, particularly in sparsely populated parts of town, please call 911 to report this suspicious activity. Legitimate utility workers should be in marked vehicles (ex. City of Lenexa, Shawnee, or Evergy) and would generally not be working after normal business hours.
Note that thieves may even wear reflective or other "utility worker" types of clothing while committing these crimes.
You've Been Egged!
Posted on Feb 26th, 2021
Let us bring the Egg Hunt to you! Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the Easter magic from your front porch! Shawnee Parks & Recreation staff will hide 25-100 eggs in your front yard early on Saturday, March 27th. All eggs will be hidden by 7:00am.
Space is limited and this event is only available for Shawnee residents. Each set of 25 eggs includes two dozen Easter eggs and one larger, special gift egg.
25 Eggs- $10
50 Eggs- $20
75 Eggs- $30
100 Eggs- $40
Call (913) 631-5200 or visit us online to register!
Update from Kansas Gas Service
Posted on Feb 24th, 2021
We’ve received many questions asking about rates increasing next month and the impact higher natural gas prices could have on your bill. There’s a lot of misinformation circulating out there, so we would like to provide you with the facts and with what we know at this time.

Below, we’ve gathered the five most commonly asked questions and did our best to answer them. We know this doesn’t answer everything, but we hope it will give you some assurance on our commitment to keep you informed as the situation develops.

Do I have to continue to conserve or are things back to normal?
Residential customers can return to normal natural gas usage. We want to thank you for your conservation efforts. Your efforts helped us avoid widespread outages during the extreme weather event.  
Will my bill be higher?
Your bill may be higher based on the amount of gas you used during the historic cold temperatures. 

Your monthly bill is a combination of the amount of gas you use and the cost of gas. The extreme weather caused many customers to use more gas for heating their homes than they may have in prior years. The higher amount of gas used will be reflected on your bill, regardless of the price of gas. While we do not markup the price of natural gas, these events will have an impact on customer bills. If you conserved energy during the weather event, your bill will most likely be lower than it would have been otherwise.

How much will my bill increase?
Honestly, it’s too early to tell. At this time, we can’t quantify what the impact on customer bills will be. We experienced much higher natural gas demand which resulted in a significant increase in natural gas market prices on a portion of the supply we purchased during this period.

What are you doing to help reduce the impact to customer bills?
Unlike some other utilities, Kansas Gas Service has the ability to work with our regulators to spread these high gas costs out over several months. 

The Kansas Corporation Commission has issued an order that authorizes natural gas and electric utilities to defer any extraordinary costs incurred associated with ensuring that customers continued to receive service during the cold weather event. KGS will make a filing with the KCC which includes a plan to minimize the financial impact of the cold weather event on customers over a reasonable period of time.  

If you have concerns when you get your bill, we will work with you to help find options for payment. There are a number of payment options and resources that we offer customers, and we will commit to doing what we can to help you.

What can I do to minimize the impact to my bill?
One important thing you can do right now to minimize the amount of your bill is to follow the conservation tips that we’ve been communicating throughout this extreme winter event. Following the tips we listed in  this infographic can help you conserve in a number of different places around your home.

While these answers may not provide you with the level of details you’re looking for right now, you should know that payment options are available. 

Our Average Payment Plan helps reduce the fluctuations of your monthly gas bill and makes budgeting easier. The Average Payment Plan is based on a 12-month rolling average of your natural gas bill and is a way to reduce the volatility of seasonal energy expenses by spreading out the cost throughout the year. 

You can enroll by logging into your account. If you don’t already have online account access, you can sign up today. It’s quick, easy and let’s you manage your account without having to call.

We also partner with financial assistance agencies throughout the communities we serve that manage funds for eligible customers that need help paying their utility bills. Visit kansasgasservice.com/cares for more details.

As we get more information, we will communicate it to you and post to our website and social media channels. 

Thank you again for everything you did to help conserve during the extreme weather event. You played a big part in helping us avoid any widespread gas outages.
If you have any questions about the information provided in this email, please connect with us on FacebookTwitter or email us at media@kansasgasservice.com.
As always, if you smell gas, leave the area immediately, then call 911 and call 888-482-4950. We will respond as quickly and as safely as conditions allow.  
Upcoming Events
A Notice To Our Community
Tuesday, March 31st to Friday, December 31st
Before planning to participate in an event posted on BRBVHOA.com, please confirm with the organizer that the event is still planned. Even though we update this website daily, we have noticed that event cancellations are taking place at the last minute. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Brunch at the Public Market
Thursday, December 17th to Friday, December 31st, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Lenexa Public Market
Every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (or until sold out), each of our merchants will serve a different authentic dish for you to try. You can get brunch items from any of our vendors to stay or to go – feast on food from one merchant, or try an exciting variety of dishes from several stalls. No tickets are required.

Alcohol – including brunch classic mimosas – will be available from Topp’d Pizza + Salads, and Chewology Gyoza Bar will serve a seasonal cocktail.

Sip on coffee, teas and lattes from The Roasterie, and snack on a variety of pastries from Ibis Bakery.

What’s not to love on this brunch menu? Topp’d Pizza + Salads is serving breakfast pizza, breakfast calzones smothered in homemade gravy and brunch-staple buttermilk biscuits and gravy. Top your meal off with a mimosa, and refill it for just $1.

Chewology Chef Joshua Springer will switch up the flavorful brunch courses each weekend. For opening weekend, he’ll serve a scallion beef roll wrap: five-spice-braised beef shank wrapped in a flaky scallion pancake. Pair it with their season cocktail, The Headless Quenchman, made of Suntory Haku Vodka, Giffard Banane, jalapeno, passionfruit, honey and Dogfish Head Seaquench Ale. 

Sohalia’s Kitchen will serve a hearty traditional Pakistani brunch platter that includes two flaky parathas, butter chicken, chana masala, and halwa: a sweet dish originating from the Ottoman Empire made with semolina, cardamom, rosewater and coconut flakes. 

Red Kitchen’s Saturday brunch menu will spice things up with rotating authentic Mexican brunch items each week. Check their social media accounts weekly for updates. On Sunday, their brunch item will be beef birria tacos and consommé. The tacos are made of two corn tortillas bathed in birria stock and fried until crispy, then filled with beef and cheese. Dip your tacos in the cilantro-onion beef stock consommé, or sip the savory soup with a spoon. 

Kate Smith Soirée will offer a scrumptious assortment of pastries each week. Try anything from quiche to sweet and savory scones to a variety of sweet breads in flavors like banana, pumpkin, lemon blueberry and double chocolate zucchini. 



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