What benefits do my annual dues payment of $900.00 provide?
- Deffenbaugh Industries provides waste and recycling pick up for Bristol Ridge and Bristol Valley.  
- Maintenance and upkeep of over 11 acres of common areas including the clearing of brush, high grasses and overhanging limbs above the trail. A number of dead or dying trees on HOA property were also removed in 2019.
- Maintenance of the community pool.
Community pool, clubhouse, trail and website:
- The Board is reviewing plans to repair or replace a portion or all of the trail system in 2020. No final decision reached.
- Installation in December 2019 of WiFi, security cameras and a resident key fob system at the clubhouse and pool. Gate security will be improved in the spring of 2020 with concrete repair around the pool and clubhouse.
- Additional repair/replacement of pool equipment and pool decking was performed in 2019.
- The clubhouse received and interior and exterior painting in 2019. Interior updates and repairs were also made.
- The clubhouse roof was replaced in 2018.
- Midwest Pool Renovation resurfaced the pool and repaired the tile and concrete to the pool prior to opening on Memorial Day 2017. 
- Overhead pool and parking security lighting was added in spring 2017.
- Restrooms were remodeled and the exterior/interior of the clubhouse was painted in 2019. New interior clubhouse furniture was also added in 2016.
- The pool meets all City of Lenexa and Johnson County safety and health requirements. Surprise audits by the Health Department occur twice a summer. No issues have been found since 2016.
BRBVHOA.com, the HOA's website, was relaunched in May 2019 providing improved functionality for our residents.
Volunteer Board of Directors and Property Management Team:

- The HOA has been lead by a volunteer Board since 2016. This group was responsible for the management and maintenance of Bristol Ridge and Bristol Valley.

- Beginning in 2019, the Board contracted with First Service Residential to oversee the operation and maintenance of the HOA. The volunteer Board meets bi-monthly and must approve all projects and actions by First Residential.
-The First Service Residential Property Manager for Bristol Ridge and Bristol Valley is Rikki DelPercio. Rikki can be reached at rikki.delpercio@fsresidential.com or by calling (816) 414-5335. The First Service Residential Emergency Line is (816) 414-5300 is answered 24/7. Dial "0" after being connected.
- The Board continues to encourage HOA member participation and feedback. If you would like to join the Board of Directors please contact Myles Megee at m.megee.brbvhoa@gmail.com.