What benefits do my annual dues payment of $950.00 provide?
- Deffenbaugh Industries provides waste and recycling pick up for Bristol Ridge and Bristol Valley.  
- Maintenance and upkeep of over 13 acres of common areas including the clearing of brush, high grasses and overhanging limbs above the trail. A number of dead or dying trees on HOA property were also removed and/or planted in 2019 and 2020.
- Maintenance of the community pool.
Community pool, clubhouse, trail and website:
- New irrigation system controllers were added in 2022 to reduce water waste through rainfall and leak detection. These systems can be controlled through a phone app eliminating after-hours service calls.
- Monument medallions were repaired and repainted in July 2021.
- LED solar lighting was added to the Bristol Valley monument in the fall of 2021.
- Several trees around the pool area were removed in June 2021 to reduce the amount of leaves that were dropping into the pool and clogging the water filtration system during the summer months.
- A flat screen TV was added to the clubhouse in 2021.
- The Bristol Ridge and Bristol Valley entrance monuments were updated in July 2021.
- The trail system was replaced in July 2020. 
- Improved clubhouse outdoor lighting was added in June 2020.
- Installation in December 2019 of WiFi, security cameras and a resident key fob system at the clubhouse and pool. Gate security was improved in the spring of 2020 with concrete repair around the pool and clubhouse.
- Additional repair/replacement of pool equipment and pool decking was performed in 2019.
- The clubhouse received and interior and exterior painting in 2019. Interior updates and repairs were also made.
- The clubhouse roof was replaced in 2018.
- Midwest Pool Renovation resurfaced the pool and repaired the tile and concrete to the pool prior to opening on Memorial Day 2017. 
- Overhead pool and parking security lighting was added in spring 2017.
- Restrooms were remodeled and the exterior/interior of the clubhouse was painted in 2019. New interior clubhouse furniture was also added in 2016.
- The pool meets all City of Lenexa and Johnson County safety and health requirements. Surprise audits by the Health Department occur twice a summer. No issues have been found since 2016.
BRBVHOA.com, the HOA's website, was relaunched in May 2019 providing improved functionality for our residents. The site has been active since fall 2015.
Community Survey:

The residents of Bristol Ridge and Bristol Valley were surveyed in early May 2020 on the improvements they would like to see in the community. Residents were polled on the importance of improvement/replacement of the existing pool and clubhouse amenities, building a new pool in the Bristol Valley subdivision, adding a playground area, railroad crossing noise abatement, constructing a sidewalk between the two subdivisions and repairing and/or replacing the monuments in Bristol Ridge and Bristol Valley. Results of the survey are listed under the "Members" icon on the Home page.
Volunteer Board of Directors and Property Management Team:

- The HOA has been lead by a volunteer Board since 2016. This group was responsible for the management and maintenance of Bristol Ridge and Bristol Valley.

- Beginning in 2019, the Board contracted with First Service Residential to oversee the operation and maintenance of the HOA. The volunteer Board meets bi-monthly and must approve all projects and actions by First Residential.
-The First Service Residential Property Manager for Bristol Ridge and Bristol Valley is Maddie Diekmann. Maddie can be reached at Maddie.Diekmann@FSResidential.com  or by calling (816) 414-5372. The First Service Residential Emergency Line is (816) 414-5300 is answered 24/7. Dial "0" after being connected.
- The Board continues to encourage HOA member participation and feedback. If you would like to join the Board of Directors please contact Wanda Barrero.