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Do You Have A Contractor You Would Like To Recommend?
Posted on Sep 24th, 2021 Comments (0)
Do you have a local contractor, electrician, plumber, roofer or handyman that you would like to recommend? If so, create that recommendation on our Business Directory page. Also refer to this page for recommendations from your Bristol Ridge and Bristol Valley community residents.
Where Can You Drink Alcohol on the Lenexa Civic Campus?
Posted on Sep 23rd, 2021 Comments (0)
Question: Can you BYOB to the Lenexa Public Market?
Answer: No.

The City Council amended Ordinance 5608 during their Sept. 7, 2021, meeting. Originally passed in 2017, the ordinance established a common consumption area for both indoor and outdoor spaces on the Lenexa civic campus.

Common consumption areas are permitted under K.S.A. 41-2659, et. seq. which allows a city or county to establish an area where the possession and consumption of alcoholic liquor is allowed pursuant to a common consumption area permit, which the Public Market has held since 2017.

The ordinance amendment extended the hours and slightly modified the boundary of the common consumption area to align with state law and allow for better event flow and daily operations. Additionally, the amendment allows only those who have booked rentable space within the civic campus to bring in their own alcohol specifically for private functions. This is only allowed with prior written approval of the City Manager or designee and those renting private space within the campus are highly encouraged to use the on-site licensed merchants to meet the needs of their private event when booking space. The amendment is aimed at addressing specific circumstances where a Market merchant is unable to accommodate a private function.

This part of the amendment was misinterpreted by several media outlets who indicated that the general public could now bring alcohol purchased elsewhere to the Lenexa Public Market and the common consumption area. This is not the case and alcohol purchased outside the Public Market and common consumption area is still generally prohibited.

Licensed Public Market merchants will continue to sell alcohol as part of their normal operations.

If you have questions about this ordinance, please contact Mike Nolan.
New Development Map Shows Projects Coming To Lenexa
Posted on Sep 15th, 2021 Comments (0)
Ever wonder what's coming to Lenexa? Check out our new development map, which shows proposed and approved projects across the city. 
City of Lenexa Dumpster Days
Posted on Sep 12th, 2021 Comments (0)
Bristol Ridge and Bristol Valley HOA Meeting
Posted on Sep 9th, 2021 Comments (0)
The monthly meeting of the Board of Directors for the Bristol Ridge and Bristol Valley Homes Association is scheduled for September 27th from 6:30 to 8:30 P.M. This will be a virtual meeting. Please contact Maddie Diekmann for an invitation to this event.
Waste Management Suspends Yard Waste Pickup
Posted on Sep 3rd, 2021 Comments (0)
Waste Management has suspended all yard waste collection until October 4th due to a nationwide shortage of drivers.
Join Us At A Lenexa Fall Festival!
Posted on Aug 4th, 2021 Comments (0)
Want to vie for the best spinach recipeJudge spicy samples? Make the most of the spooky season? Lenexa's fall festival lineup includes Spinach Festival (Sept. 11), Food Truck Frenzy (Sept. 25), Chili Challenge (Oct. 8/9), Truck or Treat (Oct. 23), Enchanted Forest (Oct. 28) and more!
Be sure to check our website closer to these events for the latest information. Lenexa Parks & Recreation is following all state and county recommendations for the safe operation of facilities, programs, events and services.
Planning An Update To Your Home?
Posted on Jun 7th, 2021 Comments (0)
If you are planning on painting your house, replacing your roof, major landscaping or other exterior changes/additions refer to the Amended and Restated Declarations of Restrictions dated September 16, 2019 sections 3, 5, and 7 to determine if you need to complete an Architectural Change Request Form.  Here is the link to to a copy of the restrictions and  Architectural Change Request Form.
For Lenexa residents, please click here for city code requirements for home improvements.
For Shawnee residents, please click here for city code requirements for home improvements.
Lenexa Parks Playground Passport
Posted on May 5th, 2021 Comments (0)
Solve a secret letter puzzle by visiting 27 Lenexa playgrounds, and win a prize! You can access Lenexa's Playground Passport by downloading or picking up a paper copy, or using the I Like Lenexa App on your mobile device.