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Replacement Of Dead Or Dying Ash Trees
Posted on Aug 27th, 2019

Attention: Bristol Ridge Residents,

Did you know....the City of Lenexa planted 125 Ash trees along the streets of Bristol Ridge? Many of those trees have already died or are dying because of Emerald Ash Borers (EAB).  EAB Beetles are an exotic, invasive species of beetle that are destroying millions of Ash trees in North America. Unfortunately, many homeowners have not removed or replaced the dead trees which are unsightly to the community and a health risk for healthy trees in the neighborhood. It is the Homeowner's responsibility to remove these trees.

At the Board Meeting on 08/26/19, this topic was discussed and homeowners who have dead trees in their yard MUST cut down and remove the dead trees. The stumps must be ground down and a replacement tree (not Ash) installed.The City of Lenexa has a Street Tree Fund to help homeowners with the cost. Please see the attached document for details on reimbursement of $200 per property. 

If enough homeowners are interested in hiring Messenger's Lawn Service to remove the trees on their property, I can inquire about a group discount. Please let me know you're interested no later than September 6th.


Rikki DelPercio
FirstService Residential Missouri, Inc. as Agent for
Bristol Ridge Homes Association, Inc.        
Rikki DelPercio
Property Manager 
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