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Do Your Part To Maintain A Safe Neighborhood
Posted on Jul 16th, 2019

Bristol Ridge residents have reported two additional property crimes to Lenexa police in recent days.

A theft report was made in the 21000 block of West 81st Terrace on July 14th at 5:24 AM.  An auto burglary was reported in the 8100 block of Millridge Street on July 13th at 8 PM.  Please ensure that your home and vehicles are locked when you are away and during nighttime hours. 
Report any suspicious activity to 911.
Original Report Dated June 24th
Two Bristol Ridge homeowners and a Woodland Reserve homeowner reported residential burglaries on June 24th and early on the 25th to the Lenexa Police Department. The homes were located in the 8100 block of Bittersweet Drive, 21000 block of West 81st Terrace and 22000 block of West 89th Terrace. The Lenexa Police Department is investigating these crimes.
Please report any suspicious activity, individuals, groups or vehicles to 911.  If possible, obtain a tag number and description of the vehicle including brand, model (SUV, sedan, truck, etc.), color, number of doors, unusual characteristics, markings or visible damage on the vehicle, direction of travel and the number and general description (age, ethnicity, sex, hair color and length, tattoos and a clothing description including any head wear) of the occupants. 
New construction and unoccupied homes in Bristol Ridge and Bristol Valley are a target for those intent on stealing and reselling building materials and new appliances.  Additionally, bicycles and similar toys left outside in occupied homes are an easy target.  An inexpensive solution is to keep a yard light on both in the front and rear of your homes during at night. Additionally, place several lights on timers to give your home the appearance of being occupied during the overnight hours. Of course, arming your home with an unlawful entry, glass breakage, motion detectors, outdoor cameras and smoke detection system provides peace of mind and will reduce your insurance premium.
Here are some additional tips to prevent burglaries:
Both the Shawnee and Lenexa Police Departments offer a Vacation Watch program where Officers will conduct random checks of your property during extended absences.
Always remember to keep your garage doors closed. In the past, residents have reported thefts from unsecured garages and unlocked automobiles during the day and overnight. 
Be safe and be diligent!
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