Achieve Shawnee Comprehensive Plan Draft Released
Posted on Oct 13th, 2021

Comprehensive Plan Overview
This Comprehensive Plan builds upon and brings together existing planning efforts (explored further in Appendix C) to create a unified vision for the future of Shawnee. The Comprehensive Plan demonstrates a path forward – using both physical and policy recommendations.
The Comprehensive Plan addresses a wide variety of topics critical to the continued and improved success of Shawnee, including:
Area/district development plans for specific areas and corridors based on a fusion of the findings from the Economic and Market Analysis (see Appendix D for full report), public input, City staff, the Planning Commission, and the Governing Body direction.
Identification of areas to target for economic development through adaptive reuse options for housing of the future, with the ideal mixture clarified to ensure the existing and projected populations will have diverse and affordable housing choices.
Choices for all residents to experience a high quality of life through outdoor recreation and enhanced entertainment options.
Transportation opportunities that work alongside the City’s topographical and physical barriers, providing multimodal mobility choices.
Infusing concepts of sustainability and resiliency throughout all recommendations to balance community desires, financial feasibility, and environmental needs.
Economic development strategies that go beyond business recruitment and retention.
Place-based design concepts that integrate living, working, and recreating.
Future use options for the Johnson County Landfill site after its operations close.
The process culminated in an integrated document that reflects the needs and desires of
the community and helps direct future decision making as it relates to the orderly growth and sustainable future of Shawnee.
The Comprehensive Plan provides a framework for the development of future public policy pertaining to development, redevelopment, infrastructure improvement and expansion, transportation and connectivity, and provision of community services.
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