Board Sets BRBV Pool Opening Date!
Posted on May 21st, 2023

The Bristol Ridge and Valley (BRBV) pool will be opening Friday, May 26th. On the following page are a set of rules for pool use.
To help assure all pool users have a safe and pleasant experience it is important we all adhere to the pool rules.
Keep in mind the pool is utilized by residents of all ages, but especially young children. It is our responsibility to respect each other and to help assure that the
experience is both safe and pleasant. No illegal, noxious or offensive behavior and/or loud music is acceptable.
It is a Johnson County Health and Environment regulation that no food or drink be consumed within 4 feet of the pool edge. They periodically stop by the pool unannounced and they will close the pool if this regulation is being violated. If you bring food and/or refreshments into the pool area it is your responsibility to make sure that all of your trash is picked up and deposited in one of the pool deck trash containers.
The bathroom trash containers should not be used to discard food, dirty diapers or other non-paper trash. The Deffenbaugh containers or the containers on the pool deck should be utilized for those purposes.
This year the HOA has added four large sun shade umbrellas that will be positions around the pool, primarily along the west side to replicate the shade we used to have from the trees. We ask everyone to please lower the umbrellas when you are leaving the pool, or when inclement weather is approaching.
The pool is for the exclusive use of the BRBV residents and their guests. It is our responsibility to assure that unwanted guests are not using the pool.
The pool will be patrolled after hours and any violators may be prosecuted. Please fill out this form if you are in need of replacement pool fob.
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